Student studying in the library

The UO carefully reviews the residency status of all students to determine who qualifies to pay in-state vs. out-of-state tuition. Though Oregon residents typically qualify to pay in-state tuition, only authorized residency officers may interpret and apply the rules and procedures under the Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) to determine if a student may pay tuition at an in-state rate. No indication or determination of residency by any other institutional office, department, program, or staff represents the official institutional determination of residency for the UO.

The UO’s Residency FAQ contains more detailed information, but here are the key considerations in determining whether a student qualifies as an Oregon resident for tuition purposes:

  • Student has lived in a residence in Oregon for at least 12 months prior to the beginning of the term in which student plans to start school or to make a residency case
  • Student is financially dependent on an Oregon resident or has financial independence
  • Student’s primary purpose for being in Oregon is something other than to obtain an education
  • The nature and sources of student’s financial resources are clear
  • Student can show various indicators of residency (e.g., ownership of a primary residence, permanent employment, or payment of income taxes—all in Oregon)

After reviewing the FAQ, please peruse applicable residency rules. There are also residency rules that apply specifically to Oregon’s Native American tribal members. Also, under the tuition equity law, some students who meet certain criteria are exempt from nonresident tuition and fees.

If you have additional questions, contact University of Oregon residency officer Brian Stanley at 541-346-1231 or via e-mail.