Residency Rules

The University of Oregon reviews each application for admission to determine if the applicant will qualify at an in-state tuition rate or a non-resident tuition rate. These rules for residency classification have been adopted and agreed upon by the following schools in the state of Oregon (Eastern Oregon University, Oregon State University, Oregon Institute of Technology, Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, Western Oregon University, and the University of Oregon).

Please read the Appendix 1: Residency Standards for a listing of the residency rules. For a summary of how these rules are considered, please read the Guide to Oregon Residence Classification.

If you are an applicant who wishes to make a case that you qualify as a resident, you may download and complete a Residence Information Affidavit. The questions answered on this form will help the Residency Classification Officer determine if you meet the residency requirements as a financially dependent or a financially independent person.

If an applicant has parents living in two separate states, we may request they fill out a specialized residence affidavit, which is a Parent, Custodian, or Benefactor Affidavit.

Find residency classification rules for specific populations in the following sections of Appendix 1: Residency Standards:

  • Armed Forces Personnel (Section E)
  • Members of Oregon Tribes (Section F)
  • Non-Citizens (Section G)

Direct your questions related to residency classification to Brian Stanley, UO’s residency classification officer, at 541-346-1231 or