Transfer Credit Information

Your transfer credits will be evaluated once your official transcripts have arrived. You will receive an email after you have been offered admission which lets you know to view your transfer articulation in the UO DuckWeb system. The UO DuckWeb system will require your UO ID and PAC (Personal Access Code) numbers that you can use to log in; this information will be sent to you via email after you are admitted. The articulation you see in DuckWeb will allow you to see how your credits will transfer and how they will apply toward a degree at the UO. For information about the general-education requirements, check out the UO Catalog.

Associate of Arts Degrees

When you complete an associate of arts Oregon transfer (AAOT) degree or an associate of science Oregon transfer (ASOT) degree in business at an Oregon community college, you will have completed your writing and group requirements before coming to the UO. This agreement does not apply to students who earned an AA degree outside Oregon, except for specific Washington community colleges with which the UO has articulation agreements.

In addition, the UO recognizes the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum certificate (IGETC) and the California State University General Education certificate (CSUGE) from community colleges in California. Official transcripts that indicate the completion of these degrees and certificates will satisfy the university writing and areas of inquiry requirements. These degrees and certificates do not guarantee junior standing.

Transfer credits

The UO accepts college-level academic course work from regionally accredited two- or four-year colleges and universities. Credits from colleges outside the United States are evaluated individually. To grant transfer credit, we require official transcripts.

The links below assists you in determining transfer course equivalencies for other colleges and universities and how transfer credits can be used to meet degree and major requirements at the UO. Unofficial transfer credit evaluation can assist you in course planning for your transfer to the UO.

There is no maximum number of credits that can be transferred from a regionally accredited four-year college or university. Students may transfer an unlimited number of credits to clear degree requirements, but only 124 credits from junior or community colleges will be counted toward the total number of credits required for the degree (of this only 90 credits may be transferred from an international junior college). Remember that students must earn a minimum number of upper division credits (62) in order to graduate. Therefore, students who transfer the full 124 credits from a community college will ultimately graduate with more than the required minimum 180 credits for the BA or BS degrees.

Additionally, up to 12 credits of vocational, technical, physical education, and music performance courses, and up to 48 credits in professional courses such as veterinary medicine or nursing, may be transferred.

Semester and quarter system

One semester credit is equivalent to 1.5 quarter credits. (Multiply the number of semester credits by 1.5 for the number of quarter credits.) Students transferring from a school on a semester system do not lose credits; the credits are just expressed in a different way. One semester course is generally equivalent to one quarter course. Occasionally, two semester courses taken in sequence may be equal to three courses in the quarter system.

GPA calculation and grades

To determine your GPA for admission, we include all attempted credits for which you received an A, B, C, D, or F, even in repeated courses. Incompletes, withdrawals or non-college level courses are not considered in the transfer GPA.

We accept transferable courses with grades of D- except for courses required for transfer admission (one college-level writing course and one college-level mathematics course) and for courses that satisfy the general-education requirements in writing, mathematics, and a second language. Grades of C- or better, P, or S are required in these courses.

We accept transferable courses graded P or S. However, because the UO requires graded credits (A, B, C, or D), we recommend that you take no more than 12 credits of P or S work at your transfer school. We also recommend that all courses in your intended major, as well as writing, mathematics, and second languages, be taken for letter grades. If your school offers only P/N (pass/no pass) or S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) grades, contact the UO Office of Admissions.

If you have any questions, comments or wish for us to add an institution that you do not find on the transfer credit listings, please let us know.