Transfer Requirements

Below are the admission requirements for transfer students. See information for:

Definition of a Transfer Student

The University of Oregon defines a student as a transfer student if they have attempted any post-secondary/college coursework after graduating from high school/secondary school (or earning a GED). This is separate from any coursework taken prior to high school graduation (AP, IB, dual enrollment, college in HS).

Transfer applications can be reviewed when a transfer applicant has no more than one term in progress at their most recent institution. This shows us the applicant’s most recent grade trend and allows us to verify that most, if not all, of their transfer course requirements, have been met. 

To illustrate this, transfer students applying for fall quarter, will have their application for admission reviewed after they submit the transcript from their previous fall semester (if attending a semester school) or winter quarter (if attending a quarter school). 

Required Application Materials

In order to be considered for admission as a transfer student you must submit the following information. Missing items will delay your application processing and could lead to your application being considered incomplete or being denied

  • UO application
  • UO application fee or application fee waiver
  • Official transcript(s) (from issuing institution) from all post-secondary schools attended
  • Official high school transcripts—IF you completed your second language proficiency in high school or will have less than 36 quarter or 24 semester hours

Application Review

  • Applicants who have completed 35 or fewer quarter credits (or 23 or fewer semester credits) by the time of expected enrollment at the UO must meet both freshman admission requirements and the transfer admission requirements listed below.
  • For applicants who have completed 36 or more quarter credits (or 24 or more semester credits) by the time of expected enrollment at the UO, admission will be based only on the transfer admission requirements.

To be considered for admission as a transfer student, you must be in good standing at your most recent institution and eligible to return to any previously attended institution.

Transfer Admission Minimum Requirements

  1. Completed one college-level composition course with a grade of C- or better, P (pass), or S (satisfactory).
  2. Completed one college-level mathematics course with a grade of C- or better, P, or S.
  3. Have the minimum cumulative GPA:
    • 2.25 if you are an Oregon resident
    • 2.50 if you are a nonresident
  4. Second-language proficiency. If you graduated from high school in spring 1997 or later, or if you took the GED in June 1997 or later, you must demonstrate second-language proficiency to be admitted to the UO. To do so, submit a transcript or score report verifying one of the following:
    • Two years of the same second language in high school, with a grade of C- or better, P (pass), or S (satisfactory), or
    • Two college terms of the same second language with a grade of C- or better, or
    • Proficiency test (for example, SAT Subject Tests or BYU Foreign Language Assessment)

Learn more about options for meeting the second language requirement, including American Sign Language.

For information on GPA calculation, grades, and transfer credits, including unofficial transfer credit evaluation, visit our transfer credits page. If you're ready to apply, use this step-by-step guide to applying as a transfer student.