– Decision Day Extended –

The enrollment confirmation for first-year students admitted for fall 2024 is extended to June 1. Due to June 1 being a Saturday, the Office of Admissions will assist anyone experiencing technical difficulties or needing other assistance on Monday, June 3. Rest assured that this will not affect your ability to commit to the UO.

Conditional Undergraduate Admission

The University of Oregon may offer you conditional admission if you are an international student who requires English language instruction before you can begin your studies at the university level. If you are conditionally admitted, you will attend the American English Institute (AEI) to study English in an intensive environment. A unit within the College of Arts and Sciences, the AEI is a world-class English language institute located in the heart of the UO campus.

To apply for conditional admission, complete the UO application. Students requesting conditional admission must meet all of the university's international admission requirements except the English proficiency requirement. If you are determined to be fully admissible, you will still have all the same resources available to you as a conditionally admitted student.

Upon completing the highest level of English instruction at the AEI, you will be granted full admission to the UO.

Frequently Asked Questions about Conditional Admission

  • If I am requesting conditional admission, am I required to pay the AEI application fee?
    No, you pay only the UO application fee to apply for conditional admission.
  • Do I apply to boththe UO and the AEIif I am requesting conditional admission?
    No, apply only to the UO when requesting conditional admission.
  • Do I still need a TOEFL score if I am requesting conditional admission?
    While it is not required to submit English proficiency test results to apply for conditional admission, students who do submit English proficiency test results will be given priority.
  • I am an international transfer student. May I request conditional admission?
    Yes, as an international transfer student you may request conditional admission in the same way as freshman international students.
  • Do you offer conditional admission to graduate students?
    No, conditional admission is not available for graduate students.

Contact us for more information about conditional admission.