International Agent Resources

Working with Authorized Agents

The University of Oregon is always seeking the best and brightest students from around the world to be a part of our community of scholars who are making groundbreaking discoveries and impacting the world around us almost every day. To help us find these talented students, the UO chooses to work with reputable agencies and agents whom we have vetted and who honor the same values in student recruitment.

Below is the list of authorized agents that represent the University of Oregon. Any agent or agency not listed below, does not represent the University of Oregon. Please, be careful working with any agency that claims they are an authorized representative if they are not listed below.

  • Council for American Education
  • EdAgree
  • Lincoln Management Consultants Co, Ltd.
  • University Study, Inc.

Prospective Agents

The world is big and it’s hard to reach every corner of the globe without some additional help. If you are a prospective agency or agent that would like to be considered to represent the University of Oregon, we encourage you to connect with us to start the conversation. Use the button below to email our international recruiting team for more information.

Request Information

Current Agents

If you are an authorized agent of the University of Oregon, use the button below to log into your materials. Should you have any questions, please contact your assigned UO representative.

Current Agents