Completing Your File

What do we need for a complete file?
You can check if your application is complete on the application status portal (students entering in winter 2021 and beyond) or on DuckWeb (students entering in fall 2020 or previous terms). Please note that during peak processing times it can take two to four weeks to enter a document into our system. 

All Applicants

Official Transcripts
These are issued directly from a school or college to the University of Oregon Office of Admissions either in a sealed envelope or electronically through approved protocols. Transcripts can be hand-delivered if the seal on the envelope has not been broken.

Electronic Transcripts
If your high school sends transcripts through Naviance, their system may indicate that it has been sent and received. However, during peak processing times it take extra time to match your transcript to your application file.
Transcripts not considered official include:
  • Faxed transcripts
  • Transcripts not sent in a sealed institutional envelope
Application Fee Waiver
If you requested an application fee waiver when you submitted your application, we need a completed form to show that you qualify for this option. Once we receive your form, we will begin processing your application.

Freshman Applicants 

High School Transcript
We can usually make an admission decision with a high school transcript that reflects coursework through the end of your junior year (sixth semester). However, we may request a transcript that includes the fall term of your senior year (mid-year transcript). If you have completed dual-enrollment or college (post-secondary) work and it is not identified on your high school transcript, we would need a copy of your college or dual-enrollment transcript.
Official Test Scores
We require official test scores from freshmen applicants. You can submit either the SAT or ACT. Scores are considered official if: 
  • Sent from SAT (school code 4846)
  • Sent from ACT (school code 3498)
  • As part of an official high school transcript (be aware that electronic transcripts do not include test scores). Scores must be typed on the transcript, not handwritten/taped on the transcript.
Applicants planning to participate in intercollegiate athletics must submit scores directly from the testing service.

A written essay is required of all applicants. Use the essay prompt as outlined in the application for admission. If you are applying to the Clark Honors College, you may use your honors college application essay for your university application essay.
Senior Schedule
Your letter may ask for your senior year schedule to help us make an admission decision or for scholarship consideration; you can provide that information here.

Transfer Applicants

Make sure you are familiar with the transfer requirements before you submit official transcripts. 

High School Transcript
We may need this because:
  • Your application indicated that you have satisfied the second language admission requirement through classes completed in high school
  • You have completed fewer than 36 quarter (24 semester) college transferable credits at the time of the application 
College Transcripts
We need official transcripts from all colleges you have attended or are attending. If you are currently enrolled at another college or university, wait to send your transcripts until you only have one outstanding term remaining prior to beginning your studies at the UO. For fall applicants, this would be spring term. We are unable to make decisions on applications with two terms (or more) in progress.
An Applicant with Admission Requirements in Progress
If your current or future term schedule includes the writing, math, or language course requirements, your letter may ask for transcripts through a specific term (e.g., college transcript through winter term). Please make sure you have official transcripts sent as soon as those grades have been posted. 

Honors College Applicants

All documents should be delivered to the Office of Admissions (see address below). Our document imaging system allows the honors college staff to review your documents online. Check your honors college status on the application status portal (students entering in winter 2021 and beyond) or on DuckWeb (students entering in fall 2020 or previous terms).

Selective Programs

If you have applied as one of the majors listed below, there is an additional application and items that need to be submitted to the department. Read about specific departmental deadlines and requirements for:
  • Architecture
  • Interior Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Art
  • Digital Arts
  • Music
  • Product Design 
  • Flagship Chinese 

Where do I send my documents?

Office of Admissions
1217 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1217 

While we do not encourage you to send transcripts via express shipping companies, if you do, the address is:
Office of Admissions
201 Oregon Hall
1585 East 13th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97403