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The enrollment confirmation for first-year students admitted for fall 2024 is extended to June 1. Due to June 1 being a Saturday, the Office of Admissions will assist anyone experiencing technical difficulties or needing other assistance on Monday, June 3. Rest assured that this will not affect your ability to commit to the UO.

Interdisciplinary cognitive sciences

Undergraduate minor

About the minor

The minor in interdisciplinary cognitive sciences allows students to delve deeper into studying the human mind. Students gain perspectives on cognition from various fields, including linguistics, psychology, and computer science. Students can also explore other cognitive systems, such as animal cognition and artificial intelligence. The minor culminates with a capstone course, where students will synthesize the content they have learned from various disciplines, and explore an independent research project in cognitive science

A little more info

  • The core disciplines are linguistics, psychology, and computer science. Students can also take courses in philosophy, biology, anthropology, economics, or sociology.
  • A minor in interdisciplinary cognitive sciences will prepare students to enter graduate programs in diverse fields, such as computer science, neuroscience, law, philosophy, and psychology.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in faculty research, to experience first-hand how scholars study human cognition.

Career opportunities

The minor provides students with technical skills in computer science, as well as rhetorical skills in logical analysis, which are highly valued by employers. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, the minor will prepare students for careers in a variety of fields, including technology, human behavior, and communication.

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