Digital humanities

Undergraduate minor

About the minor

The way we approach humanities subjects, such as English, history, philosophy, and religious studies, began to change with the advent of the internet. Over past decades, new digital tools and techniques have expanded our subjects and practices of studying these fields. The minor in digital humanities prepares students to enter this new world, equipping them with skills in digital text analysis, data visualization, mapping and geospatial studies, the creation of multimedia archives, and forms of digital storytelling. While learning how to create digital humanities projects, students will have opportunities to study global cultural expressions that emerge through new forms of digital reading, writing, and gaming.

A little more info

  • Students can take courses from around the university to complete their minor, allowing them to combine the depth of their major with the breadth of a minor that includes courses from computer and information science, cinema studies, English, and political science.
  • The digital humanities minor provides hands-on experiences designing and building digital projects focused around cultural movements, histories, and storytelling.
  • Students will be able to bridge interests in subject matter, from data science to multimedia storytelling.
  • Students can learn approaches to the humanities with ties to an exciting range of professional fields.

Career opportunities

The digital humanities minor prepares students for careers in visual culture, libraries and archives, digital publishing, instructional technology and education, communication, environmental studies, media studies, and data science.

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