– Deadlines Extended –

Due to the delay in FAFSA data being supplied to the University of Oregon, the UO is extending the confirmation deadline to June 1, 2024, for first-year students admitted for fall 2024. We are also extending the priority FAFSA filing deadline to April 1, 2024, for all UO students.


Undergraduate minor

About the minor

Who defines crime and criminal behavior? Why do people commit crimes? What does society do, and what can society do better to prevent and respond to crime? The criminology minor gives students the tools to analyze how society defines, regulates and tries to prevent crime, as well as considering social issues and structures that may cause people to break laws. The minor program in criminology allows students to pair their majors with an exploration of issues of crime and the criminal justice system.

A little more info

  • The minor allows students in undergraduate programs to explore issues of crime, law, and governmental responses to law-breaking.
  • The program provides students with the tools to analyze complex issues and policies within the criminal justice system, enhancing students' ability to understand the nature of crime and the system response to law breaking.
  • Students choose courses from a wide array of social scientific disciplines including sociology, anthropology, political science, psychology and indigenous, race and ethnic studies.
  • Criminology touches on the most urgent social issues of the era; minors who specialize in this area have the rare opportunity to change the world.

Career opportunities

The minor program in criminology prepares students for employment in investigations, police work, probation and community control, forensic science, predictive policing, and others fields related to crime and criminal justice.

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