Medieval studies

Golden artwork aside medieval text.

Undergraduate degrees: BA
Undergraduate minor

About the major

Medieval studies focuses on the period between 300 and 1500 CE. The Medieval studies program at the UO is interdisciplinary and combines knowledge and research in areas such as art history, history, languages, philosophy, and religion. Students can study this important period in human history by choosing unique courses from a range of different departments and topics. Students can enhance their understanding of this history by studying languages such as Medieval Latin, Old English, or Classical Arabic.

Medieval studies gives students opportunity to learn a variety of desirable and transferable skills while they cultivate unique ways of thinking about deep cultural issues, a variety of philosophical ideas and practical problems, and various forms of media. Want something unusual? Choose Medieval studies.

A little more info

  • Students learn transferable skills, including research and source evaluation informed by historical context and analysis; reading closely, precisely and compassionately; logical reasoning; effective written communication; language structures and acquisition; and deep study of foreign cultures.
  • Students work closely with a variety of professors who are experts in their fields.
  • Students can receive a degree with honors in medieval studies by demonstrating expertise in a concentration with a written thesis project.

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