Landscape architecture

Undergraduate degree: BLA
Undergraduate minor

Design and Build the Future

As a landscape architecture major you’ll combine science and art to design positive change in environments and communities around the world. Learn how to draw, the principles of ecological design, and how to present your ideas using specialized software and technologies. Collaborate with local communities to design parks and gardens that foster social development and environmental awareness. All you need is a desire to create something new—the landscape architecture department will show you how to do the rest.

You’ll learn how to create outdoor spaces that take people’s needs and the ecological context into account. Explore the connections between design and planning, theory and practice, art and technology, school and the “real world,” head and hand, and large scale and small scale. Enrollment in the landscape architecture department starts with a pre-major status. Once you are on campus, you will be advised on how and when to declare the landscape architecture major.

A little more info

  • DesignIntelligence ranked our BLA program #16 nationally and the #6 most-hired-from school in our size group in 2019. And they recognized us in particular for Research (#8), Healthy Built Environments (#9), and Sustainable Built Environments / Adaptive Design / Resilient Design (#6) in their 2018 national rankings.
  • The UO Urban Farm is an interactive laboratory to learn urban agriculture and the only urban farm managed by a department of landscape architecture in the United States. 
  • The Fuller Center for Productive Landscapes runs an annual field school that takes students to New York and Philadelphia and connects students to internationally recognized landscape architects and artists.
  • The HOPES conference provides an opportunity for students to lead and participate in organizing a conference that brings design professionals and scholars to Oregon.
  • The APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Hub offers annual student travel awards to support opportunities to collaborate with internationally recognized scholars, educators, students, and practitioners in designing sustainable cities across the Pacific Rim.

Career opportunities

Be at the forefront of green roof design. Make waves in river restoration. Envision parks that combat climate change and benefit city residents. As a landscape architect, you could be involved in a wide range of design projects, from designing a pollinator garden to redeveloping an urban waterfront. Our graduates design residential landscape developments; city plans and urban open-space networks; city, state, and national parks; and regional land use plans. And with professional networking through our student chapter of ASLA and career guidance from the College of Design office of Student Services, our graduates have more than 90 percent job placement at graduation in a range of professional design firms and government agencies.

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