International Baccalaureate, International General Certificate of Secondary Education

International Baccalaureate (IB)

The University of Oregon strongly values the IB curriculum, and gives certain special privileges for completers of the IB Diploma, as well as having generous credit policies for both HL and SL exam results. Applicants should be averaging at least 4’s and 5’s to be competitive for admission. Applicants who are pursuing or have completed the full IB Diploma should indicate in the Special Circumstances section of the application if you are pursing or have completed the full IB Diploma.

New freshman applicants starting in the fall term who complete the full IB Diploma will be considered for IB Diploma Scholarships. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

A Level, AS Level, and IGCSE

To be competitive for admission, applicants who have completed their A-levels must have passed two A-level subjects and five IGCSE subjects (including English and Math). Applicants who have completed only the IGCSEs (“O-levels”, GCSE, and/or AS levels) must have passed English, Math, and three additional academic subjects with a combined minimum average of 'B'.