Using Test Scores in the Admissions Process

Effective with applicants for the fall 2021 freshman class, the University of Oregon has become a “test-optional” school, allowing applicants for freshman admission the option to be considered for admission without submission of ACT or SAT scores.

Especially during a time of adjustments and test date cancellations due to COVID-19, we have also chosen to be “test-blind” for scholarship consideration. This means that even if you were to provide us with scores from a past sitting, it will not be considered in any merit- or need-based awards.


Should I go test optional and not turn in my scores?
Especially for the 2021 applicant cycle, there is no compelling reason to take the tests. If you already took the test in the past and would like us to consider your scores, you can still choose to ask that we consider them. However, please note that we have purposefully created an admissions review process in which scores play little to no role. 

Can I still get into the Clark Honors College or other special programs, or get a scholarship, even if I don’t turn in test scores?
Yes, you can. In fact, we fully expect that very few applicants will submit scores for the 2021 pool. For that reason, sending us scores will have little to no impact on your consideration for any programs. Scores will not be used for scholarship eligibility at all. Visit our scholarship pages for the latest information on a wide array of options for freshman applicants.

How do I indicate I will not be providing test scores on the application?
There will be a simple check-box on our application that asks if you wish to be considered for admission without test scores. It is important that you check this box if you plan to participate. Otherwise, we will assume that you wish to provide scores and we may not consider you until scores are submitted. We fully expect that most of our 2021 applicants will check this box.

I’m an international student, so I didn’t think I had to take these tests anyway.
Yes, that’s right. For international students (those who would require a visa to study here), the University of Oregon has not required these tests; so there is no need for you to request consideration without SAT/ACT scores.

We do, however require international students to take one of the tests used to establish English proficiency. Especially with the closure of so many testing centers during COVID-19 concerns, we are happy to say we accept the Duolingo English Test (DET), which you can take remotely. We also continue to accept the TOEFL and IELTS for proving proficiency, or the English-related sections of the ACT and SAT. Visit our English Proficiency Test Scores webpage for more information. We strongly encourage you to use the DET or another online option, rather than attempting to go to an in-person offering of the test.

NOTE: If you are a US student living abroad, or an international student from a country where English is the official language, those tests are not required. You can choose the test-optional route for admission just like any other US applicant.

I plan to submit scores anyway. How will you use them?
While again, the scores have no particular use in our process, we will superscore the SAT or ACT. We will never use the essay component, even if submitted. We will also not use results for the SAT subject tests in any way, unless being used to meet requirements as an applicant from an unaccredited school or homeschool environment. Even then, those applicants have other ways to meet those requirements without submitting test scores. 

What sources should I use to keep up to date on information about the admission process?
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