Joelle Rankins Goodwin

Joelle Rankins Goodwin, Senior Associate Director for Recruitment Administration

Senior Associate Director for Recruitment Administration
Phone: 541-346-1135

Your hometown: I was born in Augsburg, Germany, but call Portland, Oregon, home.

Your alma mater: University of Oregon, BS ’86, in Telecommunications and Film; Hood College, MA ’95, in Psychology; Space Coast Allied Health Institute, ’00, certificate in massage therapy

Favorite thing about living in Eugene: September is probably my favorite month in Eugene. The weather is still hot and sunny and football season has begun.

Tips for college success: Good time management is one of the most important aspects in starting your college career. Make time for school, studying, exercise, family, friends, and alone time.

Why you decided to work at the UO: I love the atmosphere, the excitement, the students, and that there is always something going on. At UO, I feel that I’m always part of something bigger than myself.

Best part of your job: As Assistant Director for Alumni Recruitment I have the opportunity to interact with alumni from around the country, meeting people who are as “Fired Up!” as I am about the University of Oregon, people that want to help bring the best and the brightest young people to the UO.

Most memorable college class: African American History was the first opportunity to learn more about my heritage. This wasn’t just a class about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks (both very important people in our history)—which is what we got in high school—there was so much more.

If I didn't work in Admissions, I'd be: At the UO I majored in Telecommunications and Film, and it was my dream to be the next Barbara Walters or a disc jockey. I actually had my own radio show when I lived in Honduras.

Outside of the office: My guilty pleasure is pageants. I started competing when I was in fifth grade, and I’ve won several titles along the way. The one I am most proud of is Mrs. Oregon America 2009—I loved being an ambassador for my beautiful state. Now I am a director for the local Miss America affiliate, which includes Miss University of Oregon.

Point of pride: I’m proud to be a product of the UO Army ROTC Program, through which I was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the US Army. I love that I was able to end my 24-year Army career right back where I started: teaching Army ROTC at the University of Oregon.