Alfredo Varela

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Associate Director International Recruitment
Call: +1 541-346-1220
Recruiting territory: International
Based in: Eugene, USA

Hometown: Los Angeles, California, but a child of the world.

Alma Mater: BA, anthropology — California State University, Northridge; MA, cultural anthropology — University of California, Santa Barbara; MA, higher education administration — Heidelberg University; PhD, anthropological sciences — SUNY Stony Brook

What is your best advice for high school students looking to attend college: A university degree is a huge investment, not only a financial investment but an investment of your time. The friendships you make, the environment you live and study in, and the professors who instruct you will all have a huge impact on your future. Take all this into consideration as you find the best place for you.

Do you have a particular favorite UO “fun fact”?: As you walk around campus you really get a sense that you are walking through a forest. The campus is well integrated with the natural surroundings, very organic — so many quiet spaces to sit and reflect. You are constantly making new discoveries.

What’s your favorite place to hang out on the UO campus or in Eugene, and why?: Anywhere I can sit by the water and have a cool one.

Do you have any special skills, talents, interests, or hobbies?: I love to garden — flowers, vegetables, succulents — getting dirty with a purpose.

If you didn't work in admissions what would you be doing instead?: Running a diner in Northern Japan — hoping to win the lottery one day so I can make this dream come true.

Since you are an regional counselor, do you have a tip for folks from your region?: International students, the US is a large, diverse country with so much to offer. The last few years have been challenging, but do not give up on your dream. Ask questions.

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