Opportunities Program

The Opportunities Program is designed to empower families of underrepresented communities to pursue higher education. It brings students and parents together to consider college as a viable option and as a family investment. Our goal is to help students and parents understand the process of transitioning to college and make this transition as smooth as possible.

Throughout the school year, we invite families to workshop-style evening meetings at local schools and community centers. The program is geared towards sixth through ninth grades, but children of all ages are welcome to attend with their parents. All Latino programs are in Spanish and English. The workshops are for both students and their families and cover topics not only about student preparation for college, but tips for how families can be supportive over the coming years. In addition, current UO students share their insights on all aspects of college life—including making ends meet financially and balancing work with studies.
We focus on:

  • Financial aid and scholarships
  • The admissions process and deadlines
  • Making sure that high school prepares you for college
  • How to find the resources you need to help in your transition to higher education


Registration is offered on a space-available basis.

Registration contact:
Luis Renteria

When registering, please include the date you wish to hold the event, the number of students you expect to attend, and your contact information (name, position, school or program, address, phone numbers, and email).