Two x-rays of brain activity.

Undergraduate degrees: BA or BS
Undergraduate minor

About the major

From cognitive and developmental psychology to practices in clinical psychology and psychopathology, the UO’s Department of Psychology immerses you in the study of the human mind and behavior. All students collaborate on research as part of their academic sequence and many gain additional research experience in department labs. You will learn strong critical thinking skills and how to evaluate and convey evidence. Develop your skills in real-world settings with student-run peer programs, internships at local clinics, shelters, hospitals, and justice centers.

We are a community of scientists including faculty and postdoctoral scholars engaged in cutting-edge research. The psychology major will expose you to basic concepts, theories, findings, and ethical issues in multiple areas: social, personality and psychopathology, developmental, cognitive and experimental, and biological and physiological psychology.

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Career opportunities

An undergraduate degree in psychology provides the background for a broad range of careers including social services, education, law, and graduate programs in psychology.

Some students major in psychology to prepare for graduate training and careers in related fields such as personal relations, vocational and personal counseling, medicine and dentistry, social and case work, marketing, administration, legal work, and counseling in public schools. Others prepare for careers as academic psychologists (teaching and research), clinical psychologists (mental health centers, institutions, and private practice), industrial and organizational psychologists, and government psychologists (testing, research, and administration).

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