Woman in traditional blue and white Chinese dress happily dances with bright yellow, colorful fan.

Undergraduate degree: BA
Undergraduate minor
Second language acquisition and teaching certificate

About the major

Achieve a high level of proficiency in Chinese language through friendly, activity-filled, intensive classes. You will learn Chinese culture, society, literature, and linguistics from historical and contemporary perspectives.

Students have the option of three different tracks in the Chinese major: language, culture, or linguistics. In consultation with department advisors, you can select a track that allows you to study and master the aspects of Chinese that interest you most. Chinese is one of several majors taught within the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures.

A little more info

  • The Chinese program offers classes up to very advanced levels in language, literature, and culture
  • The Chinese Flagship program, administered through our department, offers students support in gaining high-level fluency in Chinese
  • Students can earn credits in China through study abroad programs
  • Double-majoring in Chinese and another subject is common and supported by department faculty
  • The second language acquisition and teaching (SLAT) Chinese certificate shows that students are trained to teach Chinese.

Career opportunities

Chinese majors have a wide variety of professional opportunities. Some of our graduates have gone on to teach English in China or Taiwan, become professional translators, helped trade between U.S. and Chinese companies, and found jobs in government and nonprofit agencies. Some graduates also choose to go on to law school and other professional and graduate studies.

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