Dual Enrollment Programs

If you'd like to take courses at two schools at once, the UO’s dual enrollment program may be for you. Enrolling at both the UO and a community college has many benefits. You must be admitted to both institutions, and complete the additional application form available below or at the respective community college.

Application Terms and Deadlines

You may dual enroll at the University of Oregon and one of two community colleges. To apply for the UO/Lane Community College program, complete this application form. To apply for the UO/Southwestern Oregon Community College program, complete this application form. You may also ask for a paper copy at your community college or at the UO. Please submit the signed and completed form, prior to the deadline, to the Office of the Registrar at transfercredits@uoregon.edu.

The dual application deadline is three weeks before the first day of classes for fall term and two weeks for winter, spring, and summer terms. Dual students must be admitted to the UO by the dual application deadlines. The deadline for cancellation is the Friday of the first week of classes.

Some academic majors require an additional application and have an earlier deadline.

Student Record Release

As a condition of admission to the Dual Enrollment Program, you must sign an agreement to release student record information to each institution. This allows your community college and the UO to share your student record information so that you can easily move back and forth between the two institutions.

Tuition and Fees

Assessment of tuition and fees is based on the courses for which you register. Lane tuition and fees are assessed for Lane courses; UO tuition and fees are assessed for UO courses. The institution that received the tuition and fees handles withdrawals and refunds in accordance with its rules and policies.

Tuition is assessed at resident or nonresident rates according to the residency classification of the student. The community college establishes residency criteria for its courses. Residency classification at the University of Oregon is determined by rules set forth in the Interinstitutional Residency Compact and is followed by all Oregon public universities.

Students admitted in the Dual Enrollment Program and taking classes at both schools pay fees for each institution according to its standard fee structure.

Students enrolled in the Dual Enrollment Program and taking classes at only one institution are assessed fees according to that institution’s standard fee structure. Students at one institution who want access to fee-based student services at the other institution may request its optional fee package.

Dual Enrollment Program students have access to student services at both campuses. Fee-based student services are available to Dual Enrollment Program students who have paid these fees.

Financial Aid

Financial aid eligibility for students accepted into the Dual Enrollment Program is determined as follows:

  1. Your community college evaluates and awards financial aid to applicants with 0–89 earned credits. Please note that financial aid from community colleges cannot pay for any upper division classes at the UO.

  2. The UO evaluates and awards financial aid to applicants with 90 or more earned credits. Please note that financial aid from the UO cannot pay for any non-transferable courses including vocational classes.

All transcripts need to be submitted and evaluated prior to the first day of classes. The home school that awards financial aid is based on the number of accepted credits by the UO.

Dual Enrollment Program students are expected to abide by the financial aid policies and procedures of the institution evaluating and awarding financial aid. Dual Enrollment Program students may apply for academic and departmental scholarships at either institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Dual Enrollment FAQ for information on financial aid and answers to more questions.