Juan Andrés Ortiz

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I speak Spanish
Hablo Español

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Admissions Counselor
Email: juanandres.admissions@uoregon.edu
Call or text: 541-346-1305
Recruiting Territories: Alaska, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Dakota, South Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia

Hometown: Gladstone, Oregon

Degrees, Colleges, Graduation Years: University of Oregon, BA ‘20 - Journalism, minor in Political Science

What is your best advice for high school students looking to attend college? College is what you make of it. It’s a chance to start over and be whoever you want to be. So don’t be afraid to ask for help - no question is a silly question!

UO fun fact: We have a moon tree on campus!

Favorite place to hang out in Eugene: Nothing beats hiking Spencer Butte with your friends and getting to watch the sunset from the top.

Do you have any special skills, talents, interests, or hobbies: I love to draw. I have a drawing tablet, though there's no better feeling than scribbling in a physical sketchbook.

If you didn’t work in Admissions, what would you be doing instead: I’d either be pursuing a master's degree in Library Science, or I’d be going back to school for art. Perhaps I’d find a way to do both!