– Deadlines Extended –

Due to the delay in FAFSA data being supplied to the University of Oregon, the UO is extending the confirmation deadline to June 1, 2024, for first-year students admitted for fall 2024. We are also extending the priority FAFSA filing deadline to April 1, 2024, for all UO students.

Melea Tejedas

I speak Spanish / Hablo Español

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Senior Assistant Director for Regional Recruitment
Email: melea.admissions@uoregon.edu
Call or text: 503-412-3752
Recruiting territories: Oregon – Clackamas County (minus Oregon Trail and Lake Oswego School Districts)
Based in: Portland area

Hometown: Normal, Illinois. I spent most of my childhood on my grandparents’ corn and soybean farm.

Alma mater: Southern Oregon University, BA ’09—International Studies with minors in Spanish and Latin American Studies

Any family members who also attended UO: My sister attended the UO from 2004—2007. I went to SOU, my brother went to OSU, and my sister to UO—suffice it to say my family loves the Oregon public universities!

Favorite thing to do in Eugene: I love the Saturday market! I love giving unique, handmade gifts so it’s my favorite place to find gifts for friends and family. The vendors are all so crafty and creative.

Favorite Eugene restaurant: Everywhere! Eugene is a dream for vegetarians like myself. Everywhere you go there are so many options to choose from.

Tips for college success: Don’t feel like you have to know what you want to study or what you want to be when you “grow up”. There’s a lot of pressure as a high school senior to be able to answer that question! You don't have to know right now. College is all about exploring different things and discovering what you’re passionate about.

Why I decided to work at the UO: I wanted to work for the UO because of the commitment to embracing diversity and increasing access to higher education. Before working in Admissions, I taught English at a low-income elementary school in Mexico. That work sparked my passion for helping students from underrepresented backgrounds. It was very important for me to work at an institution that provided strong support for underrepresented students, and I found that here at the UO.

Best part of my job: Meeting a student at their high school or at a college fair who is going through the college search process…then seeing them at an open house event…then meeting with their family to answer questions…then seeing them at an admitted student reception…then seeing them as a student on campus in the fall! It brings tears to my eyes to watch a student go full-circle through the admissions process and finally find a place to call home.

Favorite quote: “Face piles of trials with smiles.”—The Moody Blues

Favorite Duck: Huey, Dewey, Louie, and their lost brother Phooey Duck (Donald Duck’s nephews), because their names are fun to say.

Special skills: I’ve danced most of my life and love it. Hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, modern—you name it. My fellow dancers and I used to compete nationally and had the opportunity to perform at some really cool venues, like Blazer games and Disneyland. When I lived in Mexico I competed in an international salsa dancing competition, which was probably my favorite experience of all!

Most memorable college class: Environmental Science 210. I never particularly liked science until I took this course. Learning about the Earth’s atmospheric and oceanic composition, as well as the structure of the Earth’s interior, forever changed the way I thought about the world and our environment. This was the class that led me to a track in environmental policy within my major.

If I didn't work at the UO: My dream job is to be a US Ambassador to the United Nations. I would also love to work for Save the Children or another non-profit that helps children in need.

Melea Tejedas wearing a flower patterned black shirt foreground, blurry trees and grass background
Recruiting Territories
Oregon – Clackamas County (minus Oregon Trail and Lake Oswego School Districts)