Parents: Frequently Asked Questions


What types of athletic opportunities are there for students?
Why types of clubs and organizations are there? 

What types of athletic opportunities are there for students?

There are three levels of athletics in college: intercollegiate, club, and intramural.
Intercollegiate athletics are the varsity teams that compete at the highest level. Students may be recruited and offered athletic scholarships in return for participation in Ducks athletics. Participation requires a large time commitment, regional travel, and a minimum level of academic performance to remain eligible for competition.
Club sports teams compete against other colleges at a very high level, but the students will not be officially recruited or offered scholarships for such participation. Club sports usually hold try-outs, and the teams do their own fundraising to pay for equipment, league registration, travel expenses, and tournament participation.
Students can participate in intramural sports at competitive or recreational levels, and many sports are offered each term. Students submit their own team rosters and registration fees, play games at campus facilities against other UO students, and playoffs determine a league champion (rewarded with a highly coveted T-shirt!).

What types of clubs and organizations are there?

The University of Oregon offers more than 200 student clubs and organizations. There are clubs for students who share an academic interest and others that focus on athletics, diversity, religion, politics, and other special interests. Participation sometimes requires a fee, and offers opportunities to become a club officer and develop leadership skills. The Associated Students of the University of Oregon acts as the governing body for student clubs and maintains a complete list of organizations including contact information for student officers and club advisers.