The UO for Parents

The prospect of saying goodbye to your student is never easy. But the pangs of parting from these young adults are lessened by the knowledge that you’re sending them off for an amazing educational experience at a supportive and diverse campus, and that the UO is dedicated to providing a safe, secure living and learning environment.

A college degree represents hard work that will pay big dividends for you and your student, and the University of Oregon offers an excellent education at a reasonable price. With more than 260 comprehensive academic programs to choose from, there’s a career path for everyone. 

Explore our site and contact us with questions. Come to campus and enjoy the UO’s beauty and Eugene’s quirky charm. You’ll discover that the bottom line at the University of Oregon is a quality education.

You, Your Student, and the UO

The UO provides resources and information for families as they explore the college admissions decision-making process.