Why UO?

The reasons to choose the UO are as varied, big, and bold as our students’ imaginations and ambitions. Here are just a few of the many things that make the UO unique: 

Exceptional education.
The UO’s academic rigor and advancement of scholarly research draw extraordinary students and faculty members. Together we form a community determined to change the world, one society, school, law, or person at a time.
Commitment to environmental sustainability.
A longtime pioneer in efforts to preserve the environment, the UO leads the way in sustainable technology, design, and action. We make green part of our daily lives.
Classic college town—with a twist.
Ideally situated between the Pacific Coast and the Cascade mountains, the city of Eugene is progressive, welcoming, and home to flocks of Duck fans. We are outdoor adventurers, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, artists, and free thinkers of all stripes, united by a common desire to keep Eugene uncommon.
Global perspective.
While the world gets smaller every day, the UO’s presence in it keeps growing. Oregon Ducks hail from every part of the planet and travel the world studying, interning, and volunteering.
Community of individuals.
At the UO, we believe that diversity in background, thought, and belief benefits every single member of the university community.
Launch pad for success.
When Ducks leave the nest, they soar—thanks to the skills, knowledge, and real-world career preparation they acquire at the UO.