Queer studies

Queer Flag in the wind

Undergraduate minor

About the minor

The Queer studies minor introduces students to a dynamic, interdisciplinary field that explores lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender lives, and the evolving landscape of gender, sexualities, and identities. Queer studies courses help students understand the diversity of LGBTQ communities, the history and present conditions of sexual identity formation, the function of ideologies of sexuality, and how homophobia and transphobia's interact with racism, colonialism, sexism, ableism, classism and other forms of power.

A little more info

  • The University of Oregon offers several awards and scholarships related to the LGBTQ community, including the Bruce M. Abrams Essay Award and the Moore Scholarship.
  • The Linda Long Library Collection supports LGBTQ academic areas of study.
  • The University of Oregon builds community through Queer Eugene, which offers LGBTQ movie nights, poker nights, and resources for political activism.

Career opportunities

The Queer studies minor complements a wide range of majors. Students minoring in Queer studies can create and foster culturally responsive communities wherever they go.

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