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The enrollment confirmation for first-year students admitted for fall 2024 is extended to June 1. Due to June 1 being a Saturday, the Office of Admissions will assist anyone experiencing technical difficulties or needing other assistance on Monday, June 3. Rest assured that this will not affect your ability to commit to the UO.

Comics and cartoon studies

Undergraduate minor

About the minor

Comics are one of the most powerful forms of communication ever devised. Whether students are interested in the humanities or the sciences, finance or philosophy, marketing or medicine, they can learn from the ways that the greatest comics creators have told stories, sold characters, and conveyed messages.

Comics studies draws upon the established fields of art history, literary studies, and cultural studies, while also tapping into the professional traditions of commercial design and advertising. The program’s goal is to foster creative thought by encouraging a deeper and more profound understanding of how words and images work together, how they affect us, and how they shape the world in which we live.

A little more info

  • Comics and cartoon studies regularly brings professional comics creators to campus to teach classes, give talks, and answer questions.
  • Art Ducko, the University of Oregon’s first comics magazine, allows students to develop their artistic and creative writing skills, gain experience working on a creative team, and publish their own original comics.

Career opportunities

A minor in comics and cartoon studies gives students a strong foundation for work in an industry worth more than $7 billion a year. Paired with a wide range of majors, the minor prepares students for jobs in production, writing, marketing, social media, editing, designing, and more.

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