International Student Sandra Benny

Majors: Sociology and international studies
Minor: Chinese
Home country: Singapore

Why the UO? I’ve wanted to study in the United States since I was really young. I looked at the UO’s website, and I really liked what I saw. After I applied, the office of admissions was very friendly and helpful. Everyone I have met has been welcoming, especially during my freshman year. I don’t have any regrets!

Crossing Cultures: Even though English is our native language in Singapore, Chinese is also spoken and is a big part of the culture. Ever since coming to the U.S., I have realized that having a second language is an important asset to have. The UO’s Chinese program has been amazing at helping me develop language skills and knowledge of the culture.

Favorite Hangout Spot: The law library is my favorite place to study. It’s very conducive for studying and the courtyard in the back is great for sharing a coffee with friends.

The UO Community: The UO has become a home away from home for me. I have never met anyone that wasn’t willing to help me if I had a question. The community here is really vibrant and genuinely curious as to who I am. Eugene seemed very small to me when I arrived, but I liked it better than the big city atmosphere. I love the range of activities and cultures in Eugene, like the Saturday market, which is something you wouldn’t see in Singapore.

Words of Advice: I think the UO is a great place to be, and I have encouraged my friends back home to apply. Being here has opened me up in a lot of different ways. If you are willing to go outside your comfort zone and reach out to those around you, you will find a home here and really succeed!