International Student Linhan "Will" Yang

Major: Journalism
Hometown: Beijing, China

Why the UO? I wanted to go somewhere on the West Coast with wilderness and trees. I decided on the UO because of the area and because it had a great programs. Just before I arrived, I learned that the Nike shoe company was started in Eugene. I like shoes and advertising, so I was really excited to be in the same city as Nike.

Discovering Journalism: I took a lot of generalized classes when I came here and quickly discovered the media journalism program. I learned a lot about the advertising world and decided that I wanted to study that field.

Challenges Met: The language was a real challenge for me. Writing papers in English was particularly challenging, because it was so different from the way we write in China. Another challenge for my friends and me has been homesickness. But the UO has really been a home away from home with all the friends I have made.

Outside of Class: My roommate and I enjoy cooking recipes from our homes, and there are several restaurants that we like to eat at. There is a lot to do in Eugene and around campus. In the summer, there are lots of fresh food markets we like to shop at. In the winter, I like to go to the movie theaters.

What’s Next? Now that I have been in the journalism school for a while, I’m starting to get interested in editing and writing for films and videos. I want to go to graduate school to get more experience in journalism, advertising, and film editing to see exactly what I want to do and what I am strongest in.

Advice: Don’t be afraid of the different culture. People here are very friendly and have always been understanding. Talk to them and they will help. The people at the International Student Orientation really helped me in the beginning with learning the language and setting up bank accounts and a cell phone plan, so make sure to talk to them if you are having trouble.