International Student Fahd Abu-Adel

Majors: Pre-business administration and economics
Hometown: Sanaa, Yemen

Why the UO? My high school principal in Yemen graduated from the University of Oregon, and he encouraged me to apply. I also know a couple of people who graduated from the UO and have been very successful, so I knew it was a good school.

Down to Business: The business school is everything I hoped it would be, and the clubs have added a lot to my experience. In the Entrepreneurship Club, we have traveled to business conferences and met influential people. We’ve also had people from Apple and other large companies visit and give presentations.

Support System: My advisors and teachers have helped me with my projects, giving me unbelievable feedback and support so I can make the most out of every assignment. I had to miss a few days of class for an emergency once. At the end of the week, my professor sent me an e-mail asking if I was ok and if he could help me with anything. It was wonderful to have that kind of support.  

Being a Duck: When I first came to the UO, I was shocked by all the differences from my own culture. But the students at the International Affairs office knew what I needed and helped me find a place to live, set up a bank account, and feel at home. I also joined the Muslim Student Association, which has been a great experience.

What’s Next? I want to stay at the UO and get a master’s degree in economics before going home and helping my father with his business. I plan to help him for a couple years before starting my own consulting business that will help people find careers and internships in companies across the country.

Words of Advice: Come to the UO; you’re going to love it! The sports, clubs, and events are so much fun, and I love how they bring students closer together. When my friends and I travel during breaks, I always miss Eugene and can’t wait to get back.