International Student Intent to Register

If you have been offered admission to the UO, it's time to let us know you'll be joining us! Submit your Intent to Register (ITR) form to confirm our offer of admission. If you have already done so, welcome to the UO. If you haven't, follow the instructions below to submit your ITR.

Only undergraduate students who have been fully admitted for the fall term should follow these instructions. The information on this page does not apply to undergraduate students admitted for other terms, graduate students, postbaccalaureate students, or conditionally admitted students.

Please note that the UO Office of Admissions may cancel your admission if you do not complete the online Intent to Register form by the stated deadline. If you encounter problems using DuckWeb, please contact the Office of Admissions.

Submitting the Online Intent to Register Form

  1. Use your UO ID and PAC to log in to DuckWeb.
  2. Select "Admissions Menu."
  3. Select "Intent to Register Form."
  4. Check the box indicating your intent to enroll for fall term.
  5. If you are paying the $200 advance tuition deposit, you can make payment by credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa, and including an additional 2.35 percent service fee of $4.70) or by check. To pay by check, use your checking account and routing numbers. Checks must be in U.S. dollars from a U.S. bank.
  6. If your name is incorrect, please send a separate e-mail to the Office of Admissions to make any corrections.
  7. Once you make your payment online, you will see a receipt that can be printed. In addition, you will receive an e-mail receipt. Keep one or both of these receipts for your records.
  8. If applicable, indicate that you accept the the Robert D. Clark Honors College offer of admission.

Advance Tuition Deposit

You can pay the $200 nonrefundable advance tuition deposit by either check or credit card. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Please be aware that there is a 2.35 percent service fee ($4.70) to use this service. It will appear as a separate charge on your credit card statement. The service fee is not assessed by the University of Oregon, but by our service provider. The service fee is not charged for payments made by check (in U.S. dollars from a U.S. bank). For more information, please read our online Student Billing FAQ.

Please Note

  • Online payment of the advance tuition deposit by credit card or electronic check is recommended for fastest processing.
  • The advance tuition deposit is not refundable, and once it is submitted online, the UO cannot halt processing. Cancellation or stopping payment on a check will result in an additional $20 processing fee.

Once your Intent to Register form has been processed, we will e-mail you a confirmation that includes the information you need to plan for fall enrollment. Read about International Student Orientation.

Student Housing

Register for your student housing as soon as possible. You will be able to select your community, room types, roommate preferences, sign your contract, and pay your registration fee and your initial payment. This will secure your space in the residence halls.  To log into your student housing registration use your UO ID number. Explore University Housing to find answers to your questions or email

Important Information

Advance Tuition Deposit

Payment of this $200 deposit confirms your intention to enroll fall 2019 and is applicable toward your fall term tuition. It is not refundable. If you cannot attend fall term, but you reapply and are accepted for admission winter, spring, or summer 2020, your fall 2019 deposit can be applied toward your first term’s tuition. See Change in Admission Term below. Once an advance tuition deposit is mailed or submitted online, the UO cannot stop processing. Cancellation or stopping payment on a check will result in an additional $20 processing fee.


In certain circumstances international students may be exempt from paying the $200 advance tuition deposit. However, even if you are exempt from paying the deposit, you must confim your intent to enroll on DuckWeb.

  • An international student awarded the ICSP or an endowed scholarship is automatically exempt from paying the advance tuition deposit. Note that these scholarships will be awarded in March at the earliest.
  • An international student on a foreign government scholarship is exempt from paying the advance tuition deposit. If there is evidence of a foreign government scholarship in the application materials, we will make the exemption automatically. If there is no evidence of a foreign government scholarship in your application materials, send the documentation proving your scholarship to the Office of Admissions. If we do not receive documentation you will be required to submit the $200 advance tuition deposit.

Cancellation of Admission

We will cancel your admission if you do not confirm your intent to register.

Reinstatement of Admission

If your admission is canceled by the UO and you want to be reinstated for fall 2019, you must submit a written request to the Office of Admissions. We will consider your request on a space-available basis.

Change in Admission Term

Your offer of admission is valid only for the fall term for which you applied. If you plan to enroll for a different term, you must submit a new UO application for undergraduate admission.


Beginning in the spring, we send information about International Student Orientation (ISO). You can only participate in ISO once the Office of Admissions receives and processes your Intent to Register form. After you submit your form, sign up for International Student Orientation on DuckWeb.

Remember, if you have questions, be sure to contact us.