Gao Kao and the University of Oregon

Gao Kao and the University of Oregon

The University of Oregon is excited to encourage students who have recently taken the Gao Kao to apply for fall 2019 undergraduate admission.

We are offering admission based on Gao Kao results without needing to submit additional test results. We have made the application process simple and fast. Complete the following steps and we will give you an admission decision quickly.

  1. Apply using the University of Oregon application
  2. Provide your Gao Kao results or your high school transcript*

Applicants who submit the above will be considered for Conditional Admission. Conditionally admitted students start at UO’s English language school, American English Institute, and will automatically enroll in their degree program after their English language training.

Applicants who want to be fully admitted and begin their degree program in fall 2019 may submit additional test results to prove English proficiency.

Applicants will also need to submit financial documents in order to meet the US government student visa requirements.

All documents may be submitted to

Make sure to follow us on WeChat (university-oregon) and Weibo.

If you have questions you can contact our admissions counselor based in China, Yawei Zhang, on WeChat at UOadmissions or e-mail us at

*While we will use unofficial Gao Kao results or unofficial high school transcripts for admission, students must submit official Gao Kao results or official high school transcripts before they enroll.