Preparing for College

Here at the University of Oregon, we encourage all students, from kindergarten through high school, to see themselves as college-bound. Here are a few college admission pointers for each stage of your academic path.

Elementary School

Middle School

  • Keep a list of favorite hobbies and school subjects. That can come in handy later when you’re choosing college classes.

Freshman Year of High School

  • From the very start of high school, be sure to cultivate good study habits. Oregon schools are changing their graduation standards to become more rigorous.
  • Engage in extracurricular activities like sports, clubs, and volunteering. Admissions officers take these into account when you apply to colleges.

Sophomore Year of High School

  • Keep your grades strong, and renew your commitment to academic excellence throughout high school.
  • Make sure you are on track to take the UO's minimum course work requirements: a C- or better in 4 years of English/language arts, 3 years of Mathematics, 3 years of science, 3 years of social studies, 2 years of foreign language, and 1 year of fine arts.

Junior Year of High School

  • Take the SAT Reasoning Test or ACT (with the optional writing component).
  • Check in with your school’s college counselor to discuss your academic progress, and to make sure you are meeting the admission requirements of your colleges of choice.

Senior Year of High School

  • In the fall, take a campus tour of each university you’re seriously considering.
  • Research the application process and deadlines for each college you’re considering, and contact the admissions office of each college to ask about scholarships or other opportunities.

For more information about the UO or about how to prepare for college, call 1-800-BE-A-DUCK or contact us.