Parents: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why should my child attend a major research institution like the UO?
  2. How many students are employed or continuing their education after they graduate?
  3. What if a student is undecided about a major? Will this create a problem?
  4. When does a student need to declare a major?
  5. Can freshmen be admitted directly into a major?
  6. Is there a different application process between the College of Arts and Sciences and the professional schools?
  7. How large are classes at the UO?
  8. Do professors teach freshman classes?
  9. How much time will my son or daughter spend in class and/or studying outside of class?
  10. Are students able to get the courses they need in order to graduate in four years?
  11. What if a student gets into a class that they don’t like?
  12. Does the UO give college credit to freshmen for high school courses?
  13. Does the UO offer any special programs for new students?
  14. Does the UO offer an honors college?
  15. What are the advantages of the Clark Honors College?
  16. Does the UO offer any overseas study programs?
  17. What sort of internship and career resources does the UO offer?


  1. Is the UO too large?
  2. But aren't individuals lost at such a big university?
  3. What does the UO do to help students adjust?
  4. What does the UO do to help freshmen succeed?
  5. Does the UO have services in place to assist students who have disabilities?


  1. What is the atmosphere like on campus?
  2. How big is the campus?
  3. Is the student population diverse? And does the UO do anything to promote diversity?
  4. Do a lot of students join sororities and fraternities?
  5. What is Eugene like? What community activities are available? And what's the weather like?
  6. Should my student bring a car to campus?
  7. How can my son or daughter arrange to come home during term breaks?
  8. How safe is campus?
  9. What is the UO’s student communication plan during emergency situations or catastrophic events?
  10. What is the UO’s drug and alcohol policy?
  11. In what situation will I be notified of my student’s health and safety?


  1. What types of athletic opportunities are there for students?
  2. What types of clubs and organizations are there?

Student services

  1. What types of health services are available for students?
  2. Is there tutoring available?
  3. What accommodations are available for students with disabilities?


  1. Are freshmen required to live on campus? What are the advantages?
  2. What if my student doesn’t have a personal computer?
  3. Who supervises the halls?
  4. How do students apply for housing?
  5. What is the best residence hall?
  6. How are roommates assigned?
  7. What if roommates don't get along?
  8. How is the UO’s meal plan arranged?
  9. Are there laundry facilities?

Costs & Financial Aid

  1. What are the costs of attending the UO for one year?
  2. Why does the UO include personal expenses when citing costs?
  3. When do we pay the bill?
  4. Is financial aid available?
  5. Do you offer any freshman scholarships not based on family income?
  6. What forms should we file to be considered for all government and UO financial aid?
  7. Are there part-time job opportunities at the UO?
  8. Are there off-campus jobs available to students? How do students get those jobs?


  1. Does a student become a resident after one year?
  2. How can a student “gain” residency?



  1. What is IntroDUCKtion/New Student Orientation and why is it required?
  2. How does the UO help students adjust to college once they arrive in the fall?
  3. How do I ensure that my child has all the necessary paperwork in order?