Parents: Frequently Asked Questions

Student services

What types of health services are available for students?
Is there tutoring available?
What accommodations are available for students with disabilities?

What types of health services are available for students?

The Health Center offers students a broad variety of programs and services including primary medical care, psychiatry, dental care, sports medicine, physical therapy, allergy services, nutritional counseling, sexual health information, travel medicine, and health promotion.
Laboratory, pharmacy, and X-ray services are also available on-site at our convenient, on-campus location.

Is there tutoring?

Overcoming obstacles to effective teaching and learning often requires more than teachers and students can accomplish individually. Programs, workshops, courses, tutors, and mentors are among the many resources we provide to help with educational pursuits at the University of Oregon.
The University Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) provides the following tutoring resources: small group, private, and math and writing labs. All tutors must demonstrate academic excellence by having a high GPA and two faculty recommendations that attest to both subject knowledge and ability to tutor specific courses. The math and writing labs are free. Small group and private tutoring are available for a fee.

What accommodations are available for students with disabilities?

The following supports and services are available through Disability Services to eligible students who encounter barriers to full access or participation in the physical, academic or informational environments within the university.

  • Academic Advising--assistance with understanding university requirements, selecting and scheduling classes, and academic problem solving
  • Adaptive Technology--referral to the Adaptive Technology Center to use specialized computer programs and equipment for reading and writing
  • Classroom Relocation--relocation of classes that are scheduled in inaccessible or distant locations
  • Computer-based Note-taking--simultaneous transcription of spoken language into text for viewing on a laptop screen
  • Exam Adjustments--arrangement for additional time, separate location, alternative format, and use of reader, scribe or computer on exams
  • Instructor Notification--notification letter that informs instructors of adjustments that will improve student access
  • Lab Assistance--services of a student assistant or modification of lab activities to be accessible
  • Note-taking--assistance recruiting a volunteer note-taker and supply of carbonless copy paper or use of copy machine
  • Referrals--information about and referrals to other university offices and programs that provide support to students
  • Sign Language Interpreting--ASL interpreting or transliteration for academic and extra-curricular activities
  • Specialized Equipment Loan--FM systems, Alpha Smarts, and voice recorders