Parents: Frequently Asked Questions


Does a student become a resident after one year?
How can a student “gain” residency?

Does a student become a resident after his or her first year?

Below is a summary of key considerations in determining residency classification.

  • Establishment of a domicile in Oregon for a period of twelve months or more prior to the beginning of the term for which residency is sought
  • Financial dependence on an Oregon resident or financial independence
  • Primary purpose for being in Oregon other than to obtain an education (limit of 8 quarter credits per term)
  • Nature and source of financial resources
  • Various other indicia of residency, e.g., ownership of Oregon living quarters, permanent Oregon employment, payment of Oregon income taxes

How can a student “gain” residency?

There are two ways in which a student can become an Oregon resident. As a dependent, a student becomes a resident when their parent or legal guardian becomes a resident of Oregon.

If a student is financially independent, to earn residency they must live in an established domicile in Oregon for twelve consecutive months, for a primary purpose other than to obtain an education. This means that a student cannot be enrolled in more than 8 quarter credits at any point during these twelve months.

There are alternative residency requirements for students who are aliens, have served in the Armed Forces, or are enrolled members of federally recognized tribes of Oregon.

Please see our residency FAQs for more information.