Open Minds

The Oregon O symbolizes our open embrace of diverse opinion and heritages. Experience it in round dances at the UO's Many Nations Longhouse. See it reflected in halos of light cast by candles lit for social justice. Find it in the UO's 250 student organizations on campus. And in our list of diversity links for students from a multitude of backgrounds.

We welcome a medley of people, perspectives, and ideas, and we celebrate the differences among us. The UO is ranked 15th among the top 25 public research universities in the U.S. for the graduation rate of underrepresented students, and over the past five years, we've welcomed more underrepresented students than ever before.

Ducks are independent, conservative, liberal, military supporting, peacenik, atheist, spiritual, religious, capable, alter-abled, have, have-not, youthful, and young at heart.

And if you think the UO is right for you, we hope you'll join our circle.