College of Arts and Sciences

Often thought of as the heart of the university, the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) is home to the core academic programs that support the entire university, providing a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences for the vast majority of UO undergraduates. Want to keep tabs on the college’s groundbreaking research? Check out Cascade, the college’s biannual alumni magazine.

Offering 49 degree programs in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, CAS frequently introduces new majors and programs to stay at the vanguard of scholarly inquiry. Recent additions include Latin American studies and queer studies.


From classics to linguistics to theater arts and cinema studies, explore 17 departments and programs in the humanities, with hundreds of courses that explore the human experience from every angle. Choose from among 20 foreign languages that fulfill the undergraduate language requirement—and beyond. The list encompasses the expected (FrenchSpanish) as well as the unexpected (Anglo Saxon, Swahili). Our newest language offering: Arabic.

Natural Sciences

The eight departments and programs in the natural sciences range from human physiology to geological sciences to physics. Explore the new underground nanotechnology research facilities of the Lorry I. Lokey Laboratories, which features highly sensitive instruments that reveal new views on chemical and physical phenomena. Test your physical limits in the environmental chamber. Or go totally cerebral with MRI technology in the Lewis Center for Neuroimaging, which will soon be housed in the Lewis Integrative Science Building. The LISB will be home to strategic research clusters related to the human brain, molecular biology, nanotechnology, and solar energy.

Social Sciences

The 14 departments and programs in the social sciences examine the whywhat, and how of contemporary issues. Social sciences include some of the most popular majors on campus (political scienceeconomicshistorysociology) as well as up-and-coming majors like environmental studiesinternational studies, and women’s and gender studies. Social sciences reach across the globe into the many dimensions of human experience.