Special information for newly admitted students regarding COVID-19

Special information for newly admitted students regarding COVID-19

As an admitted applicant for fall 2020 or other upcoming entry terms, you may have a lot on your mind during these changing times. The following FAQs will help provide you with an ongoing resource for the questions that you might have as you navigate your college decision. If you still have questions after reviewing the information below, visit the UO COVID-19 information site or contact us at uoadmit@uoregon.edu.

Admissions for Undergraduate Freshmen

Do I still need to confirm my intent to become a Duck by May 1?

While a May 1 response is normal, we know that this year is unfolding quite differently–school closures, cancelled travel plans, or maybe a host of other concerns that have taken priority for you at this time. With this in mind, we are welcoming students to confirm the UO as their choice throughout the summer. You can have until as late as September 1 to let us know your final decision. It is important that admitted students check your email and mail throughout the coming weeks, where we will make sure you stay on track for a successful fall start as a Duck!

My high school isn’t open right now or is online. Should I be worried?

If you are worried that we will treat you differently based on your school being closed, giving P/F grades, or otherwise taking unusual steps, don’t be. Whenever your spring term ends, plan to provide us with a copy of your final high school transcript showing your last term of grades and a graduation date. We will send you reminders of this later. Focus on the classes you have remaining, whether they’re online or not, and do your best!

What if I want to visit campus before I make a decision?

Out of concern for the safety of our visitors and campus community, campus visits have been suspended for the time being. At this time, we do not have an estimate on when tours will resume. Questions can be sent via email at ambassadors@uoregon.edu or by text message to 541-346-1274.

In the meantime, we encourage you to check out our Virtual Visits, as well as our UO360 app to explore campus virtually. Continue to check your email for other virtual opportunities for you to learn more about the UO.

Admissions for Transfer Students

Can I still apply for Fall 2020?

Yes. The application deadline for Fall 2020 is June 1. Applying by this date means you can stay on track to sign up for orientation this summer. All new students must participate in orientation to be eligible for class registration in the fall.

When should I send transcripts and what if I have problems securing transcripts due to issues with COVID-19?

We hope to receive all supporting documents to complete the application by June 30. We realize that there may be issues in securing transcripts or other documents with school closures due to COVID-19. Make sure to work closely with the sending institution as most schools are still able to deliver transcripts during this period. We will continue to take documents after the application and document deadlines and process them on a rolling basis as they become complete.

When will I need to commit to attending the UO in fall?

When you are admitted, we will provide a deadline for you to make your Intent to Register decision. That date will be determined by when you are admitted. We understand that these are challenging times. If you need additional time to make the decision to commit, you can email us at uoadmit@uoregon.edu. We will try to be as flexible as possible, but also want to make sure you commit in time to be included in our new student orientation this summer.

Financial Aid

Will the tuition guarantee extend to a decision date beyond May 1?

Yes. The Oregon Guarantee is extended to you as long as you enroll for the fall term. With the guarantee, the tuition and mandatory fees you pay for the 2020-21 school year remains the same for up to five years total.

Will my scholarship offer extend beyond May 1?

Yes. We will hold your scholarship offer until you have made a decision. Our belief in your abilities doesn’t end on May 1 and we look forward to disbursing those funds to you for the start of your fall term at the UO.

If I don’t make a decision until later in the summer, would my financial aid still be ready for the start of fall term?

As long as you submit all the required forms and complete the application process by mid-August, your financial aid should be ready on time.

If I decide to defer my offer of admission to a later date, will I be able to keep my scholarship?

Each scholarship has its own process and set of criteria. Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships to discuss the impact that deferring your enrollment might have on your individual scholarships.

University Housing

When will I find out if I got into an Academic Residential Community (ARC)?

In response to COVID-19, our review of applications for ARCs is going a little slower than usual. The ARC team is working hard over the month of April to connect with you by email or over the phone. We plan to provide a decision about your admission to the ARC by early May.

I won’t be able to visit campus and would like to see what the residence halls look like. Is there a virtual tour?

There are several ways you can virtually explore living on campus. Experience our various residence halls, including a video walkthrough of common spaces and rooms, at housing.uoregon.edu/halls. You can also check out 360-degree views of different room types a housing.uoregon.edu/roomtypes. Other opportunities for exploring the UO virtually can be found at virtual.uoregon.edu.

Is there a deferral process for the $350 initial housing payment?

For students who have financial need, there is an opportunity to have the initial housing payment of $350 deferred. Please, email housing@oregon.edu for more information.

I have questions about housing. Who can I talk to?

You can schedule a Zoom meeting with a housing representative at virtual.uoregon.edu or connect with us via email at housing@oregon.edu or phone at 541-346-4277.

How do I cancel my housing registration?

You will need to submit the cancellation request through your My Housing account. Cancelling with Admissions does not cancel your housing contract.