Native American Students at the UO

As part of our strong commitment to creating an inclusive, welcoming environment for learning, teaching, and expression, the University of Oregon encourages Native American students to apply for admission. Through a variety of programs, services, and initiatives, the UO seeks to create a welcoming and supportive campus atmosphere for Native American students.

Resources for Native Americans at the UO

  • The UO offers in-state tuition to all members of the tribes and bands that have a historic relationship to the land that became Oregon regardless of their current state of residence—a savings of nearly $20,000.
  • The UO offers a minor in Native American studies.
  • The UO has an active Native American Student Union (NASU).
  • The Diversity Excellence Scholarship recognizes the academic achievement and potential of students who, through sharing their varied cultural perspectives, will enhance the education of all students and the excellence of the university.
  • NASU organizes an annual Mother’s Day celebration and pow-wow.
  • The beautiful Many Nations Longhouse, which is used for personal, cultural, social, and academic events, is the oldest continuously operated longhouse on a college campus in the Northwest.
  • The Northwest Indian Language Institute offers Sahaptin and Tolowa dialect studies.
  • Academic resources and cultural support for Native American students through the Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, and TRiO programs.
  • The Pacific Northwest Tribal Climate Change Project within the Environmental Studies Program offers UO students the opportunity to take on internships and research positions examining how tribes can be involved in tackling climate change.
  • The College of Education's Sapsik'walá Project is a master's program that trains Native American students to become professional educators, allowing them to help their communities by returning to teach in Native schools.
  • The Native American Law Students Association promotes the study of Indian Law and traditional forms of government.
  • The Bridge of the Gods Summer Academy is a joint program of the Office of Equity and Inclusion and Lane Community College.  The academy is a free, two-week-long residency program for Native American high school students designed to encourage you to start thinking about and working toward a college education.
  • The Native Opportunities program presents workshops at schools and community centers that address concerns for both students and parents, such as financial aid and scholarships, essay writing, deadlines, ACT and SAT tests, the admissions process, and the natural fear of going away for college. 
  • UO Connections is a half-day college advocacy program designed for first-generation, ethnically diverse, or economically disadvantaged high school students in ninth through twelfth grades. The program provides valuable college prep information.
  • The President’s Native American Advisory Board advises the president of the University of Oregon on the UO’s various Native American initiatives. The board consists of the Tribal Chairs—or a designee—of the nine federally recognized tribes of Oregon as well as Native and non-Native regional and national leaders.

Native American Faculty and Staff Contacts

At the UO, you’ll make connections with Native American faculty and staff across campus.

Angie Morrill (Modoc/Klamath)
Coordinator for Native American Recruitment
Admissions Counselor



Gordon Bettles (Klamath Tribe)
Longhouse Steward
Many Nations Longhouse
Chris Boyd (Sioux and Blackfeet Tribes)
Floor Supervisor
The UO Duck Store
Dr. Kirby Brown (Cherokee Nation)
Assistant Professor
Department of English
Dr. Brian Klopotek (Choctaw)
Associate Professor
Department of Ethnic Studies
Dr. Kat Milligan-Myhre (Inupiaq)
Postdoctoral Fellow
Institute of Biology/Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Melina Pastos (Flathead Nation)
Academic Advisor
Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence
Leilani Sabzalian (Sugpiaq)
Native American Retention Specialist and Outreach Coordinator
Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence


Dr. Chris Finley (Colville Confederated Tribes)
Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Ethnic Studies
Jennifer R. O'Neal (Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde)
University of Oregon Historian and Archivist
Knight Library

Christy Jones (Eastern Band Cherokee)
Financial Aid Counselor
Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

Sheila Bong (Blackfeet Nation)
Program Director
Global Studies Institute