Now hear this! Check out this fun collection of downloadable covers of "Mighty Oregon," the UO fight song, including marching band, jazz, swing, electronic, and a cappella versions.

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Mighty Oregon - Concert Version
In 1951, the UO Alumni Association had a 78 RPM recording made of the several traditional songs of the university, including this full concert version of Mighty Oregon. The University Band is led by Robert Vagner. Director of the University Singers is Donald Alton.

Mighty Oregon - electric keyboard jazz version
Edward Kammerer was a UO graduate and long-time member of the music faculty who died in 1993. A versatile musician who was named Oregon Musician Laureate by Governor Victor Atiyeh, Kammerer was adept at both classical and jazz styles, and he created this electric keyboard version in the mid-1980s for his KUGN pals Dale Reed, Wendy Ray, and Fred Webb.

Mighty Oregon - Swing Version
The Green Garter Band is one of the elite ensembles at the School of Music. This swing arrangement of Mighty Oregon was created in 1998 by John MacDonald, a member of the ensemble.

Mighty Oregon - Game Day Version
The Oregon Marching Band version of "Mighty Oregon" is the one most current fans are familiar with. This recording was made at the UO's Autzen Stadium during the 2000 season.

Mighty Oregon - Salsa Version
This salsa arrangement by the UO student Brian Silva was recorded by students and faculty in our jazz studies program. It was first performed at the Oregon Marching Band banquet in 2001.

Mighty Oregon - Concert Band Version
The Oregon Wind Ensemble, led by Robert Ponto, is the premier concert band of the UO School of Music and Dance, and they recorded this full concert version especially for the 125th anniversary commemorative CD. It is the same version as the 1951 cut, although without the chorus joining in at the end.

Oregon Pledge Song
The Oregon Pledge Song was written by John Stark Evans of the UO music faculty in 1919. Evans was Director of University Choirs from 1920 to 1944. This recording was made by members of the University Singers in 2001.